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Orvim designs and manufactures high-tech solutions. The use of composite materials meets the customer's needs and represents an effective and innovative response to an increasingly demanding market around issues, such as:

  • Energy saving
  • Cost containment
  • Reduced production time
  • Environmental sustainability


Composite materials are used in all those applications in which their best mechanical and thermal specific properties, in comparison to traditional materials, ensure products with higher performance and greater durability, also thanks to the ability to arrange the fibers in the most stressed zones.


Our solutions are commissioned or co-designed with the customer through a constructive dialogue that goes through the Orvim 5 design steps.


Orvim solutions cover several industrial sectors. Through continuous research and innovation, the growth of the company, and the clear opportunities for improvement through the application of composite materials, future industrial application areas are countless.


Food, paper, pharmaceutical, beverage and tissue sectors


Robotics and automation processes sector


Pneumatic tools, medical/sanitary and agricultural sector


Liquid containers sector, in particular that of beverage


Plastic and rubber moulding, automotive, footwear and food sector


Steel mill and foundries sector