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The rotary vanes for pneumatic motors, vacuum pumps and compressors are the heart of an engine given the mechanical stresses to which they are subjected to during their operation.

The choice of high-performance composite materials, high precision machining (with centesimal tolerances) and the surface finish are critical factors to increase their endurance to usage and the performance of the engines in which they are employed, as well as the reduction of noise and energy saving abilities.

Orvim produces a range of specific materials for these applications and assists its clients in the choice of the appropriate material to the type of engine in which the vanes are mounted.

Depending on the type of engine, the number of revolutions (rpm), the operating pressure, the presence or absence of oil lubrication, temperature and other environmental factors, Orvim proposes self-lubricating materials for oil-free applications or high mechanical strength materials.

Pneumatic tools

Several decades of experience in the realization of internal components for the air motors sector


Specialization in the manufacture of microparticles of extremely small tools for the air motors sector


Development of products that do not require lubrication (oil-free), meeting the sensitivity of the agricultural world in order to limit the dispersal of pollutants into the environment