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ORVIM applies the following guiding principles based on trade foundations.



Permanent goal is to improve the performance of our Integrated Management System. The preliminary assessment of risks, opportunities and environmental impacts associated with business processes, audit activities, internal and external, the Management Review are the tools that Orvim is implementing to constantly improve.



As a company that competes on the global market, our established tradition of innovation and renewal benefits our customers. Constant innovation in everything we do is essential to our success in the long term. We are continuously improving and our office culture encourages and rewards creativity and initiative by all our employees. The products that we offer our customers are constantly being improved thanks to close cooperation with our customers, to the utilisation of highly innovative potential and competence in design and development. The continuous development and improvement of all processes is a key element in every area and level of our company structure. The process of continuous development is supported and promoted by standardised methods, equipment and training.



We believe in solid leadership led by example and based in modesty, putting trust in people and promoting team spirit. We are committed to developing our future leaders within the company in order to safeguard this ideal. "
ORVIM is committed to the welfare and development of its employees. Based on a solid and reliable management team, responsibilities are delegated accordingly. Employees are further trained in a manner suited to their professional level and personal disposition so that they can meet the requirements in their positions.



We are dedicated to the welfare of our employees and their personal development. We reject any form of discrimination and harassment and show understanding and respect in mutual relations. We are committed to promoting a multicultural environment, where employees work together and with the world to enrich our culture and our business capabilities. We believe in the value of long-lasting relationships with customers, suppliers and other industry partners. Intercultural understanding and relationships rooted in respect are essential for globalised cooperation. These are components of our daily work. Suppliers are an integral part of the process chain and function as partners with deep knowledge of their products and services who are involved in the value chain of the company.



Our company is committed to protecting the environment. We take all possible care to ensure safety at work and the safety of our products. We strive to achieve the highest standards of personal conduct. Fairness and Integrity guide our conduct with each other, towards our business partners and the general public.
Orvim agrees to comply with all legal requirements relevant to environmental and work safety and to prevent environmental pollution by designing work processes and products that are safer. We take utmost care for the safety and health of our employees. The resulting measures are implemented in the company and - through programs - targeted, promoted and enhanced.


Long-term orientation

We strongly believe that our long-term vision is a major strength that benefits our customers and partners. Orvim has a long and successful tradition of cooperation, alliances and partnerships which enable us to serve our customers in a superior manner and strengthen our competitive position.